Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st day in my new school

  School has been opened  long time ago,  maybe between 1 week ago, I didn't have time to update this blog ,

 Sorry Ya !!

    I'm not going to tell about the first day in school , what a sucks staying with Iman like crazy people , alright , time to tell you guys what  happened in the third day. As usual, after study in the class until 4;00, We will go to  Surau and perfome our Asar prayer , but i don't want to pray there , i wanna pray at home , there's many reason why i cannot tell in this blog  , b'cause this blog is not private actually , people will know one day :)Then Iman and Athirah played on the benches , apa lagi , aku join lh teruss !!, But at the perfect timing, Karmila  saw  Cikgu Mohd Nor and say eh cikgu mohd nor 2. I was just laughing b'ause i know she was lying, but actually it is true , The teacher kept looking at us and straight forward went to the downstairs. Dah lh cikgu disiplin pulak tuu. He scolded us and ask where are you guys from??

   I was in shockd b'cause i never had been in this situation before. The teacher then  order us to enter the discipline room, ouh my god , what i suppose to do know , he must be so frustrated looking at  us . He kept usking man question to us , i;m not answering at all , y shouldd i . It's not my fault. Erghh , He said to us this :

kenapa kamu x pegi surau

 emmm , kita org mmg nak pegi cikgu 
 ade cikgu x dlm kelas 

x de cikgu:(

        x0x0 , x nak ckp ;P . FROM ME

 I have no choice what to said until the teacher GANTUNG SEKOLAH  kitaorg.My tears com back until i got home and i have no mood to talk with  , but now i'm okay "P