Monday, November 29, 2010

In Memories

    you guys will always in my heart . No matter what comes, you guys always make me laugh non-stop . But you guys are going to leave me . Many of you are going to SSAS and SEVENS  right . Nvm , sure one day we will meet together again . Hope you guys will success in your life.
                                        I love you guys so much ..

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I don't care

  Sometimes people always saying bad things to me . At the first time i was so angry why they always keep disturbing me ( x de keje lain kerrrr) , but at last my mom told me that if somebody always saying bad things , just let it be ...when time comes , the will get tired of it . Sense Iman always call me bad things ... i won't be quiet , i will fight with her , you know what ?? Because argghhh (ayat die perghhh ) susah nak kalah tuu :P. But with the other's  i just put my hand at the Head and Show Loser . Haha , i guess no more loser after this .... :P

The Dearset Friends


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boring day ??

   On  friday , me , iman and my eldest ..we went to Bukit Raja and watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows  part 1..such a boring movie ..i don't know why iman  like it so much ..
    while on Monday ..gosh the best moment with Jawidah and Fazlynn to go to Sunway Pyramid ..first thing that we've done there is playing ice-skating i was so so so so afraid but luckily Jawidah and Fazlyn. But Jawidah playing it well same goes to Fazlynn . I've tried many times but i'm still afraid , many people saw me..i felt so shamed wait faz .your next ..anyway after that , we went to have lunch  at , i don't know where but i think Jawidah  know where is it . we seperated after finished our lunch . Iman-Jawidah and Ainaa-Fazlynn.
About an hour staying with Fazlyn leg so lenguh , lenguh yang teramat it can't be ..i'm twelve not 80 years old women ..well thank god my  father came  early so tha i can stay in the car while relaxing my leg ..hahahaha

Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Day in School

Today is the last day and the last moment i'm going to stay in the school . Many pictures taken by Jawidah. My face terribly horrible but a little bit funny ..anyway thank to Jawidah. Many sad and good story have been done with teachers and friends. Sometimes bad luck comes  to me and sometimes good luck also comes to me when i'm doing my exams in UPSR . However i got 2a's 3b but i still satisfied with it. The best moment today is when many pupil's from each classes come to take their friends signature . But something did not let us from doing that. Chill out lah beb . Dah last day kot . :) . At the end of the time . just left more seconds retirement PUAN HASNAH . :( so sad after thinking about what she did to school . so sad
i will remembered  SKRM.your the best for me
                                                           nice teeth ?
                                                             clapping hand

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey Readers

 Hey readers ..Sorry  for not updating my blog . Many story want to share with you guys ..okey today was the craziest day with her and my another 2 friends ..playing UNO with them feels like playing with the real orang gile  is more better because they are really gone mad :) I hope that someone can save me when i was there ..... :p

Monday, November 15, 2010

Breakin dawn vs Harry potter

 i've been waiting for these movie for to long..the movie will released on 2011 ..between harry potter and twilight ..hmm i guess maybe i choose vampire story

Friday, November 12, 2010

Dinner Kelab Shah Alam The best

   On the 12th november 2010..the best day in my hole life with my lovely friends ..taking pictures with Afarina..Nur kamilia is the ____________- dress that i ever seen.. check it out bebeh.,...

Friday, November 5, 2010


  Today me and my family went to Empire to buy my dress ...what a stress part to choose the best dress..when we arrived there , actually we planed to buy my dress first but we had our Brunch at a fast food place . I was very happy with the food , it was very delicious but it is quite expensive. After we finished our Brunch i ask my mother and my eldest sister to choose the best dress for my dinner on 12 November 2010..ooh man on 11 November 2010 , it is the day that i was so afraid for getting my  UPSR result ...between that 2 days , i think that's not the good time for me ..please.. i don't to have the result so early ..i think I'm going to xoxo... hahaha..i hope i can get the best result in my life...okay back to the dress story ...i was looking a nice dress that makes me look funky ...but none was suitable for me , actually there's a one but it makes me feel like a grandma ..i don't know why i was impressed with that dress ..i keep finding and finding and until i got stress about it .. finally  i decided to go to SUBANG  PARADE next to EMPIRE SHOPPING GALLERY.i wanna go there because i want to go MPH to buy a story books . and looking for dress again..huh i felt so exhausted  walking from E to S....i think you guys know right ... i think i should stop until here ..i hope you guys can help me by giving any shop that has a nice dress at MID ...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

SKRM (Hari kanak kanak )

I can't remembered when m school celebrated HARI KANAK KANAK ,but i wasn't so run as year 5....but luckily my friend lia company me staying there......Aina insyirah absent and Najibatul keep focusing on her another friend (Nadhirah)..i don't know why , i don't really like her attitude . Many  show present by year 4,5,6. I and lia staying there like a statue because nobody want  to talk to us....ok many show that i have saw but the best perfomence is WAKA WAKA( shakira) by pendidikan khas ..they was so funny .....singing ,dancing with no shy ....i felt impressed .:) After staying there ...time to recess ,oh i was so glad ..when i was at the canteen , many students rushing2 to get  their food ..i'm wondering why ...i get nasi lemak  like the others wasn't  so good as my mom cook usually after eating me and lia always walking aroud the school while gossiping ...i saw Najibatul came to us and i want to sound her as tell hey do i know you miss lady ..mind you own work..but if i tell , she must be upsad ... ok just 20 minutes left to go home i feel so glad ....i hope this will be good / not so good  to me ...anyway thanks for reading