Saturday, January 8, 2011

1st day in my new school

  School has been opened  long time ago,  maybe between 1 week ago, I didn't have time to update this blog ,

 Sorry Ya !!

    I'm not going to tell about the first day in school , what a sucks staying with Iman like crazy people , alright , time to tell you guys what  happened in the third day. As usual, after study in the class until 4;00, We will go to  Surau and perfome our Asar prayer , but i don't want to pray there , i wanna pray at home , there's many reason why i cannot tell in this blog  , b'cause this blog is not private actually , people will know one day :)Then Iman and Athirah played on the benches , apa lagi , aku join lh teruss !!, But at the perfect timing, Karmila  saw  Cikgu Mohd Nor and say eh cikgu mohd nor 2. I was just laughing b'ause i know she was lying, but actually it is true , The teacher kept looking at us and straight forward went to the downstairs. Dah lh cikgu disiplin pulak tuu. He scolded us and ask where are you guys from??

   I was in shockd b'cause i never had been in this situation before. The teacher then  order us to enter the discipline room, ouh my god , what i suppose to do know , he must be so frustrated looking at  us . He kept usking man question to us , i;m not answering at all , y shouldd i . It's not my fault. Erghh , He said to us this :

kenapa kamu x pegi surau

 emmm , kita org mmg nak pegi cikgu 
 ade cikgu x dlm kelas 

x de cikgu:(

        x0x0 , x nak ckp ;P . FROM ME

 I have no choice what to said until the teacher GANTUNG SEKOLAH  kitaorg.My tears com back until i got home and i have no mood to talk with  , but now i'm okay "P

Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

  Happy New for you guys,

           This night ,i just got home and  i still updating my blog. I just went to Hailam Kopitiam with dad and Iman around 11:30 p.m., i ordered lime juice.  We're waiting for the Firework while siting there  enjoy the drinks.  I can see the Firework from I-city to here b'cause the place where i'm sitting is very near.  After watching it , we went to Tasik shah alam. I dont really know whats the reason we came there. Then, we ride a motorcycle and make a TAWAF there, but   i was so  scared when i met a few  of Indians that block our route. My dad just kept quiet, one of the Indians  say Hi to us. Iman was very scared b'cause she is only the one who sat behind. :)

         Then , my dad had to  use another way . But thank goodness they didn't disturb us . After we get out of there , my dad say that nasib baik gigi putih , kalau tak mmg dah kena langgar dah .Iman and myself  lough very loud for what my dad just say . But i didn't have so much fun b'cause my mom wasn't there and my eldest sister. If they were there, it could be more fun . 

       My dad say to us that around 12:00 am , pak imam  a few of people will round at there. If a couple are cought, they will bring them to the Police station . That's why my  dad want to go at the  Tasik and see it . I guess there's nothing else i wanna say , wish you guys happy new year . Don't forget to make a wish so that it maybe come true.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hantu Kak Limah :)

       Last night , my mom , me and another two sister went to Bukit Raja to watch Hantu Kak limah Balik Rumah .  Quite nice , Funny. Before we arrived there , mom ask me to wear Pink shirt. The reason is because we are going to Baskin Robbin's to have ice-cream.  By wearing something Pink , i will get special price.  Another reason is because it is a Pink Day. Then i quickly changed and get into the car.  After we arrived there , without wasting time, we have our  ice-cream there.  We takes about 20 minutes staying there . Nice moment while enjoyed eating it :) .

      After that  my mom went to the Booking line. we don't have to Que. Just have to show the number that we've bulk . Then we bought the food and get into the cinema . Before the movie starts , i was so scared with the advertise.... 

         When i watched the movie , it is so funny , i can't stop laughing with the others.  Iman always closed her eyes when the scary part , sounds like a coward person :) , same goes to me . But I like watching that part sometimes.  Kakak keep asking Iman many questions, but Iman just shut her mouth, she said to me:).

     After the movie finished , we went out of the cinema and suddenly Iman saw Puan Johaida. I just keep quite. Finally i arrived home after that :) . Anyway sorry , i don't have any pictures to upload there, cause we were in a hurry :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fairy Tale

  I don't know what title must i put , but i just put Fairy tale . :D

     Papa ask me to hang out with Iman and my eldest sister to Sogo ?? I don't really know that place. Sounds weird right On the way to there , Iman and me always fight with each others . Sounds funny , :D.

    After we arrived Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman  , Iman and me look at each others , you wanna know why , because the place was so messy . I can't  imagine how they live there . I hope they can live at the better place . Amin . Anyway , i just followed where my father goes. Until we reach Sogo , yes there is a better place there. Many sales at Sogo ,. i was so excited to choose blouse that can match with my tight or skinny jeans. But none was suitable for me.

   About 1 hour staying there , on the way to get out from the Sogo , i looked at my left and saw Secret Recipe like a kedai mamak, Because many people hang out there. They seems like rich people , My father said. I just lough for what Papa just said. Kakak always put her hand on top of my hand , to avoid from thieve  that want her purse . L.i.c also . 
   On the same time Papa ask me where to eat , i keep on saying  'kedai kapal' ( at kampung baru ) . But definitely  Papa said that the place that i was expected to eat open at 5 :00 pm . After that  , i was thinking that Papa wanted to eat at Kampung Baru !!! . The hottest place to eat :) haha . Just Joking , but if Papa read this part , sure he will be angry . Nvm , i enjoyed eating there with another 2 sister . 

   Time to go home , Mama suddenly text me to tell Papa that she doesn't have any key to ope the grill.  Again !! i forget to tell you , My  mom just arrived here from Sandakan ( Sarawak ) i guess . She have to stayed in front of the house for 15 minutes . Papa hurriedly drive the car , we always used the same road to go back home , but adalah pulak renovation . We have turn back and used another way . Finally we arrived ar home , i saw my mom sitting down and with her red face , it makes me and Iman gonna laugh . What a Happy Day :D

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Future/ ambition

    Hey you guys , today  i have no idea to share you . But at last i have something interesting to talk about . Cupcakes . wow that was very delicious . I love making them with my mom , what a fun making it .But for sure the images that i've upload is  from  Googles kay , remember that . I was a little bit wondering how they make it , arghh  feeling so tired right . This is my anbition when i'm 24 ..i want make it and sell it like lea -oven hehehehe

Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Miss Her

   I miss someone that always be there with me . But not now anymore , she embarrassed me at the facebook. i can't tell you who is it , because many my friends know this girl.  She gave me long message until my inbox get full :(. Poor little girl , she doesn't know what really happened between the message that I've gave Afarina yesterday . I want to explained the truth but she keeps avoiding from listening it . i don't know if actually she want to cover her line or not but sure that was not my fault. I think she's the one who started the fight. Unfortunately she doens't want to friend with me anymore .Hmm like i care. Anyway thanks because you and i are not in the same school  on 2011. I hope you cun enjoy your good life Nur Kamilia

Monday, November 29, 2010

In Memories

    you guys will always in my heart . No matter what comes, you guys always make me laugh non-stop . But you guys are going to leave me . Many of you are going to SSAS and SEVENS  right . Nvm , sure one day we will meet together again . Hope you guys will success in your life.
                                        I love you guys so much ..