Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Trip to Beryl's and Ostrich Farm:)

      on 16/9/ school having a school trip . I was so excited friend Aina Insyirah company me... we spend good time there. The journey takes 1 hour 30 minutes .  While in the bus ...  i heard the noisiest sound from Elly , taufiq , Isa and laviondra group... While me and the other friend watching a movie ... it was very fun ..

          After we arrived there ...i notice there is a smell.. then i suddenly saw a signboard of OSTRICH WONDRELAND... i think that thing came from ostrich . I think you gguys understand ..At there i was so afraid with Aina insyirah to looked at the many types of OSTRICH .... it's neck was to long ....just like going to eat me.....I can't imagine how can i saw pupils ride the ostrich ...luckily i'm not riding it...
    After 30 minutes there continue our journey to Berryl's Factory ....ouh at that time i keep counting my money to buy many types of chocolate ....i was very excited at that time... i really want to buy one choocolate for my bff suddenly i though of my ____________. But never mine .....i think i'm the one who can understand that meaning
Jawidah ,Iman ,Ellisha and Adi was followed by Hazrain was the funny part... :) i was wondering what actually happend between them....At that time i felt hungry ... we went to Mcd to have our lunch ....
     I guess that was my fun trip with my friends............see ya
   I thanked to Aina Insyirah ..... <3