Wednesday, October 27, 2010


                        Najibatul make me feel embaressed today ...why ? she ignored me when she arrived  school... arghh at  that time i felt that she was so annoying. But i tried to asked li@ why she ignored me...lia answered that she just want to have fun. I  felt like that is not having fun , that is having embaressed for me.

                              But luckily today i am having an examination , so i don't have to talking with them like usually i did . Today test was KAJIAN TEMPATAN  ,KEMAHIRAN HIDUP. Oh man... the test was difficult and i don't think that i can get the good result in that test . Ok back to NAJIBATUL story ...... i wanted to apologise to her  ...but she seems like doesn't want to  accept my apology ....But like i care hhahahaha actually i don't care about someone that suddenly do that ... Anyway now Najibatul friends with me like usually we did . Actually i like be friend with her but sometimes she always act  like that .

                            i hope that Najib and me will friend .......................

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