Saturday, October 30, 2010

SUNWAY PYRAMID !!!!!!!!!!!!

                      YEY was the best day ....i went to SUNWAY PYRAMID ..i had a good time there with my mom. I bought  t-shirt ,scarf . we had our lunch at the secret recipe... i ordered chicken cordon bleu and oreo milkshake...I really wanted to drink oreo milkshake for a long time ago, but i didn't had it . But now i can taste it because my friend AISYAH ALIAS  always mentioned about it.The waitess was very kind to us ... but i'm puzzled how can the waitress can remembered my family's order .... hmmm but never mine ...i think the waitress have been work there for too long .
                  We spend there almost 45 minutes ....after we leaved t the place ...we went brands outlet to buy  pumps but i've changed my mind to buy high heels .hahhaa .....i hope that my feet cannot grow any bigger before dinner ..... ok ok ....enough talking about the shoes ...

                  i  wanted to go there again because the place giving good memories  with my dearest family ..............see ya

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