Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Boring Story..best day ??

   On  friday , me , iman and my eldest ..we went to Bukit Raja and watched Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows  part 1..such a boring movie ..i don't know why iman  like it so much ..
    while on Monday ..gosh the best moment with Jawidah and Fazlynn to go to Sunway Pyramid ..first thing that we've done there is playing ice-skating i was so so so so afraid but luckily Jawidah and Fazlyn. But Jawidah playing it well same goes to Fazlynn . I've tried many times but i'm still afraid , many people saw me..i felt so shamed ..you wait faz .your next ..anyway after that , we went to have lunch  at , i don't know where but i think Jawidah  know where is it . we seperated after finished our lunch . Iman-Jawidah and Ainaa-Fazlynn.
About an hour staying with Fazlyn ...my leg so lenguh , lenguh yang teramat ..no it can't be ..i'm twelve not 80 years old women ..well thank god my  father came  early so tha i can stay in the car while relaxing my leg ..hahahaha

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