Friday, November 19, 2010

Last Day in School

Today is the last day and the last moment i'm going to stay in the school . Many pictures taken by Jawidah. My face terribly horrible but a little bit funny ..anyway thank to Jawidah. Many sad and good story have been done with teachers and friends. Sometimes bad luck comes  to me and sometimes good luck also comes to me when i'm doing my exams in UPSR . However i got 2a's 3b but i still satisfied with it. The best moment today is when many pupil's from each classes come to take their friends signature . But something did not let us from doing that. Chill out lah beb . Dah last day kot . :) . At the end of the time . just left more seconds retirement PUAN HASNAH . :( so sad after thinking about what she did to school . so sad
i will remembered  SKRM.your the best for me
                                                           nice teeth ?
                                                             clapping hand

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  1. i guess the school will miss u as much as u miss it...