Friday, November 5, 2010


  Today me and my family went to Empire to buy my dress ...what a stress part to choose the best dress..when we arrived there , actually we planed to buy my dress first but we had our Brunch at a fast food place . I was very happy with the food , it was very delicious but it is quite expensive. After we finished our Brunch i ask my mother and my eldest sister to choose the best dress for my dinner on 12 November 2010..ooh man on 11 November 2010 , it is the day that i was so afraid for getting my  UPSR result ...between that 2 days , i think that's not the good time for me ..please.. i don't to have the result so early ..i think I'm going to xoxo... hahaha..i hope i can get the best result in my life...okay back to the dress story ...i was looking a nice dress that makes me look funky ...but none was suitable for me , actually there's a one but it makes me feel like a grandma ..i don't know why i was impressed with that dress ..i keep finding and finding and until i got stress about it .. finally  i decided to go to SUBANG  PARADE next to EMPIRE SHOPPING GALLERY.i wanna go there because i want to go MPH to buy a story books . and looking for dress again..huh i felt so exhausted  walking from E to S....i think you guys know right ... i think i should stop until here ..i hope you guys can help me by giving any shop that has a nice dress at MID ...

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