Thursday, November 4, 2010

SKRM (Hari kanak kanak )

I can't remembered when m school celebrated HARI KANAK KANAK ,but i wasn't so run as year 5....but luckily my friend lia company me staying there......Aina insyirah absent and Najibatul keep focusing on her another friend (Nadhirah)..i don't know why , i don't really like her attitude . Many  show present by year 4,5,6. I and lia staying there like a statue because nobody want  to talk to us....ok many show that i have saw but the best perfomence is WAKA WAKA( shakira) by pendidikan khas ..they was so funny .....singing ,dancing with no shy ....i felt impressed .:) After staying there ...time to recess ,oh i was so glad ..when i was at the canteen , many students rushing2 to get  their food ..i'm wondering why ...i get nasi lemak  like the others wasn't  so good as my mom cook usually after eating me and lia always walking aroud the school while gossiping ...i saw Najibatul came to us and i want to sound her as tell hey do i know you miss lady ..mind you own work..but if i tell , she must be upsad ... ok just 20 minutes left to go home i feel so glad ....i hope this will be good / not so good  to me ...anyway thanks for reading

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