Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fairy Tale

  I don't know what title must i put , but i just put Fairy tale . :D

     Papa ask me to hang out with Iman and my eldest sister to Sogo ?? I don't really know that place. Sounds weird right On the way to there , Iman and me always fight with each others . Sounds funny , :D.

    After we arrived Jalan Tun Abdul Rahman  , Iman and me look at each others , you wanna know why , because the place was so messy . I can't  imagine how they live there . I hope they can live at the better place . Amin . Anyway , i just followed where my father goes. Until we reach Sogo , yes there is a better place there. Many sales at Sogo ,. i was so excited to choose blouse that can match with my tight or skinny jeans. But none was suitable for me.

   About 1 hour staying there , on the way to get out from the Sogo , i looked at my left and saw Secret Recipe like a kedai mamak, Because many people hang out there. They seems like rich people , My father said. I just lough for what Papa just said. Kakak always put her hand on top of my hand , to avoid from thieve  that want her purse . L.i.c also . 
   On the same time Papa ask me where to eat , i keep on saying  'kedai kapal' ( at kampung baru ) . But definitely  Papa said that the place that i was expected to eat open at 5 :00 pm . After that  , i was thinking that Papa wanted to eat at Kampung Baru !!! . The hottest place to eat :) haha . Just Joking , but if Papa read this part , sure he will be angry . Nvm , i enjoyed eating there with another 2 sister . 

   Time to go home , Mama suddenly text me to tell Papa that she doesn't have any key to ope the grill.  Again !! i forget to tell you , My  mom just arrived here from Sandakan ( Sarawak ) i guess . She have to stayed in front of the house for 15 minutes . Papa hurriedly drive the car , we always used the same road to go back home , but adalah pulak renovation . We have turn back and used another way . Finally we arrived ar home , i saw my mom sitting down and with her red face , it makes me and Iman gonna laugh . What a Happy Day :D

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