Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hantu Kak Limah :)

       Last night , my mom , me and another two sister went to Bukit Raja to watch Hantu Kak limah Balik Rumah .  Quite nice , Funny. Before we arrived there , mom ask me to wear Pink shirt. The reason is because we are going to Baskin Robbin's to have ice-cream.  By wearing something Pink , i will get special price.  Another reason is because it is a Pink Day. Then i quickly changed and get into the car.  After we arrived there , without wasting time, we have our  ice-cream there.  We takes about 20 minutes staying there . Nice moment while enjoyed eating it :) .

      After that  my mom went to the Booking line. we don't have to Que. Just have to show the number that we've bulk . Then we bought the food and get into the cinema . Before the movie starts , i was so scared with the advertise.... 

         When i watched the movie , it is so funny , i can't stop laughing with the others.  Iman always closed her eyes when the scary part , sounds like a coward person :) , same goes to me . But I like watching that part sometimes.  Kakak keep asking Iman many questions, but Iman just shut her mouth, she said to me:).

     After the movie finished , we went out of the cinema and suddenly Iman saw Puan Johaida. I just keep quite. Finally i arrived home after that :) . Anyway sorry , i don't have any pictures to upload there, cause we were in a hurry :)

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