Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

  Happy New for you guys,

           This night ,i just got home and  i still updating my blog. I just went to Hailam Kopitiam with dad and Iman around 11:30 p.m., i ordered lime juice.  We're waiting for the Firework while siting there  enjoy the drinks.  I can see the Firework from I-city to here b'cause the place where i'm sitting is very near.  After watching it , we went to Tasik shah alam. I dont really know whats the reason we came there. Then, we ride a motorcycle and make a TAWAF there, but   i was so  scared when i met a few  of Indians that block our route. My dad just kept quiet, one of the Indians  say Hi to us. Iman was very scared b'cause she is only the one who sat behind. :)

         Then , my dad had to  use another way . But thank goodness they didn't disturb us . After we get out of there , my dad say that nasib baik gigi putih , kalau tak mmg dah kena langgar dah .Iman and myself  lough very loud for what my dad just say . But i didn't have so much fun b'cause my mom wasn't there and my eldest sister. If they were there, it could be more fun . 

       My dad say to us that around 12:00 am , pak imam  a few of people will round at there. If a couple are cought, they will bring them to the Police station . That's why my  dad want to go at the  Tasik and see it . I guess there's nothing else i wanna say , wish you guys happy new year . Don't forget to make a wish so that it maybe come true.


  1. macam best aja Imaan, awat mama dengan kakak tak join??

  2. die org pegi mkn kat sebelah , hihi